Social Advertising Management

Quality social advertising, Lancaster based business.
Choose our online marketing agency in Lancaster for all your social advertising needs. We will work tirelessly to get you the lead generation that you need.

Enhance Your Lead Gen With Expert Social Advertising Management

Open your business to exciting new social avenues
  • Increased engagement
  • Make your business follow worthy
  • Improved lead to sale ratio
  • Many social channels covered
  • Bespoke campaigns to suit you
When it comes to organising your social advertising, Northern Republic can help. Our digital marketing team has a wealth of experience when it comes to creating social advertising campaigns. We work with a wide range of social media channels and will always strive to reach a large number of potential customers with each individual post. Our commitment to your success is what sets us apart from the rest, and we cannot wait to help you achieve your goals.

Our Goals When We Work for You

When it comes to social advertising, our digital marketing team have four key goals that they aim for with every campaign;
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Building Engagement for Your Channel

Each ad that we create will help to build the level of engagement to your channel. This may be to promote and event, highlight an offer or to help create interest in your brand. Our mission will be to get as much interest in you as possible.

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Increasing Your Following

When we create social adverts, we also work towards increasing the number of followers you have across each channel. More followers mean more targeted advertising and greater credibility, so we ensure that we maximise the number of people that want to be informed by what you have to say.

Paid Social

Lead Generation And Sales

The most successful ads are the ones that convert into sales and new leads. We take this aspect of our planning seriously and work to interest your audience so much that they have to engage with your ads.


Increased Flow Of Traffic

Driving more clicks through to your website is another aspect of our social ad creation, and we will help to intrigue your audience so that they want to revisit your website time after time. With many companies only focusing on one of these four areas, it makes sense to come to a company that will offer all four.

The Channels We Work With

To be successful, you need to have a wide reach, and this can only be achieved if your business utilises several social media channels. We work with a range of channels and understand the best methods for advertising on each of them.

The current list of social media channels we work with includes:

Let us know where you hold accounts when we have our initial consultation, and we can create a plan that works for each one.