Google Shopping

Optimised Google Shopping for your business
Our Lancaster based online marketing agency is here to help you make more sales than ever before using Google Shopping to get your name out there. Let us help you!

Generate More Sales With Google Shopping

Perfectly optimised products and campaigns
  • Attention to detail
  • More leads, more sales
  • Fully optimised product listings
  • Strategic campaign management
  • Great value for money
Google Shopping is a popular way for people to find the best prices for the products they want to buy. To help your products get listed, Northern Republic use Product Listing Ads that help you to drive more customers to your site. We are a dedicated, online marketing team that will help you to get more leads and make more sales so that you can grow your business bigger than ever before.
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Generating Your Product Feed

One of the most critical parts of using Google Shopping is to create specific PLAs for each item you want to see. To do this, you are required to have an inventory feed that can then be used in the Google Shopping area to advertise your products.
We are here to help you get your product feed up and running so that you can appeal to a broad audience and make those sales that will help you to grow your business.


Optimising Your Products For Sale

When it comes to selling your goods, you will need to have fully optimised product data so that your items reach the right people every time.
We take each product and carefully optimise the name, price, categories and more, so that it gets the best visibility and reaches the right people.


Campaign Management

The best way to achieve the results you want is to have a well organised and targeted campaign that is focused on sales.
Northern Republic’s campaign management service will work to understand what your goals are, your current performance and the profit margins you have set in place. We will then take this information and create a strategy that will help you achieve the success you need by optimising your feed and reaching more customers than ever before.

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What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

Our expertise in this area makes us the perfect choice when it comes to selling your products online. With a diverse portfolio of eCommerce sites to our name, we know the different strategies needed to make your products sell.

We are also committed to helping your business grow and will adapt and revise our work to suit your target audience. With us, you are sure to see your stock flying out of the door.

Genuine Customer Service That Puts You First

We are committed to providing value for money and will never leave you feeling that you did not get the best from us. This means unlimited revisions of our plans and changes to your campaigns to reflect the market needs. Ultimately, we work hard to show you how important you and your business is to us.
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Let’s Get Started

If you want to make use of some, or all of our Google Shopping services, then get in touch. Northern Republic will arrange an initial consultation to discuss your needs and your products, taking the time to get to know exactly what your business aims are.

We will then create a plan for you to consider before we start work on making your products sell. With our online marketing team, you are in safe hands. Call us today!