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If you need a digital marketing team that understands Amazon, we are here to help. Our expertise will ensure that you get noticed quicker and easier than before.

Open Your Business To A New World Of eCommerce On Amazon

Join millions who’ve tapped into the market already
  • Improved SEO for listings
  • Full campaign supervision
  • Opens you to a new market
  • Assistance with listing products
  • Custom content creation
Amazon is a household name, and has changed the face of online shopping with its massive range of products that are shipped to destinations all over the globe, making them a popular choice with consumers everywhere. If you want help understanding how to get your products noticed on this platform, then the digital marketing team at Northern Republic is at your service. With an outstanding knowledge of Amazon’s algorithms, we will support you to drive customers to your eCommerce shop.

Our Amazon Services

Because this online marketplace is so diverse, there area range of things that we can do to help you get noticed:
Amazon Advertising

List & Optimise

We can help you to develop an SEO strategy for each of your listings, create advertising campaigns and optimise each PPC campaign to reach the right people every time.

Web Design

Keyword Analysis

We understand that finding the right keywords can be the difference between lots of sales and none. We will find the best, low-cost keywords that will help you to market your items effectively.

Web Design

Campaign Supervising

We will continuously check how well your campaigns are going, and make any appropriate adaptations so that you are always getting the best deal for your budget.

Website Design

Meaningful Content Creation

If you need help with creating the best content for your products, then we can do this for you. We can also take your current content and revamp it so that it appeals to a wider audience.

Website Design

Evaluating Your Success

We can provide you with a precise evaluation of each product’s success, as well as pointers on how to improve your outcomes. We can also help you to save money by analysing your sales so that you have insight into the products that are working the hardest for you.

Paid Social

Educating Your Team

Our team is available to set up easy-to-use strategies that can be shared with your team so that you can continue to maximise your success, even after we finish working together.

Connect With Us

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation with our online marketing team, then give Northern Republic a call. We will arrange a time that suits you best, and then discuss your options so that you get the service you need to make your business grow. Schedule your appointment today.